Nitro Nutrition Women's Endurance Racerback - HOT PINK

Nitro Nutrition Women's Endurance Racerback - HOT PINK

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Designed for the everlasting, agile athlete, our pk MaX™ high-performance fabric is supremely breathable and silky-sleek with a light, ethereal feel on the body. Inherent moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool and dries quickly. Rich, enduring colors along with a clean cut and thoughtful stitching provide a comfortable and polished look. BodyFreshé antimicrobials inhibit odors for a confident workout.

• Self-bound seams on neckline and armholes
• Relaxed fit for ease of movement/mobility
• Easy tear-away tag is ready for any customization

Performance Features
✧ Permanent moisture-wicking fabric doesn't cling or stick to skin
✧ BodyFreshé antimicrobial finish inhibits growth of odors
 Supremely lightweight
✧ Seams lie smoothly on the body and don't chafe or bulge

Made in the USA  


100% microfiber polyester pk MaX™ interlock knit

Easy Care
Machine wash, tumble dry.
⏱Hang dries in less than 30 minutes!